Destiny 2's Next Update Adds Raid Perks And Masterwork Armor

By On January 25, 2018

Destiny 2's Next Update Adds Raid Perks And Masterwork Armor

Over the past few months, Bungie has talked a lot about how it plans on changing Destiny 2 to make it more rewarding, engaging, and transparent, especially for end-game players. Today, the studio revealed some of the results of that effort: Raid perks and Masterwork armor.

Up until now, weapon and armor perks have been fairly general. But now, Bungie is adding new mods that apply Raid-specific perks to gear. For example, a new mod called Emperor's Blaze grants a 25% buff to Solar ability damage while playing the Leviathan Raid. These mods drop on Raid armor pieces and will be selectable on Raid armor that you already own. They're reusable, meaning that you can swap to more general mods while running other activities, then swap back for the Raid, although you'll have to pay one Calus Token to reuse one. Finally, they all are Legendary mods, meaning that you'll still get the five Power bonus for using them.

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Destiny 2's Raid is getting a few more tweaks, as well, that should make it more rewarding to play multiple times. Completing the Prestige Raid now grants both Prestige and normal Raid awards, so you won't have to go back and do the Raid again on normal mode to get all of the drops. Additionally, Raid encounters will now always drop a Raid gear piece so that players won't be left with nothing after completing an encounter. Further, if you've completed the Raid during a certain week, you can purchase the remainin g Raid gear you didn't get from the vendor Benedict. Finally, a new Exotic Ghost Shell can drop from the final encounter in either Leviathan or Eater of Worlds.

Bungie is also adding Masterwork armor to the game. Masterwork weapons have already been in Destiny 2 for a while, and you get them the same way: Legendary items have a chance of dropping as a Masterwork, or you can upgrade any Legendary to a Masterwork. Each piece of Masterwork armor grants a 3% damage resistance while using a Super move, and this stacks as you acquire more Masterwork pieces.

In other news, Destiny 2 is also getting a new Iron Banner starting next week. In addition, as it's Faction Rally's victory week right now, there's a cool New Monarchy weapon available for purchase.

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