Turkey: Health Cluster Bulletin - December 2017

By On January 27, 2018

Turkey: Health Cluster Bulletin - December 2017

27 Jan 2018 Turkey: Health Cluster Bulletin - December 2017 Reportfrom World Health Organization, Health Cluster Published on 27 Jan 2018 â€" View Original preview Download PDF (940.3 KB)


  • In December 2017, 16 verified incidents of violence against the health care infrastructure were reported, resulting in the deaths of three health workers.

  • In December 2017, 210 doctors, nurses, midwives and community health workers were trained by Health Cluster partners.

  • Health cluster partners vaccinated more than 764,550 000 children with the or al polio vaccine (OPV) in December.

  • 29 critically ill patients were evacuated from East Ghouta to Damascus for medical treatment while more than 700 hundred patients are still waiting to be evacuated to receive specialized medical treatment.

  • Nearly 400,000 civilians living in besieged East Ghouta are facing severe shortages of basic goods and lifesaving medical care.

  • More than 60,000 people were displaced due to hostilities in Idleb , among them about 3500 children received vaccination.

Situation update

Civilian displacements in Idleb governorate continued as hostilities intensified. The displacements were from As Saan, Hamra, Oqeirbat sub districts of Hama governorate and Tamanaah and Sanjar sib districts of Idleb governorate. More than 60,000 IDPs arrived in Idleb during the month of November and December. The IDPs arrived at Dana, Ma’arrat An Nu’man, Sanjar and Saraqeb.
The existing health systems in Idleb governorate are under severe stress due to continuous influx of IDPs.

Primary country


Other countries

  • Syrian Arab Republic
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  • Content format:

    • Situation Report
  • Language:

    • English
  • Theme:

    • Health
    • Safety and Security
  • Disaster type:

    • Epidemic
  • Vulnerable groups:

    • Children
    • Refugees
    • Women
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