Thailand Government and World Bank join hands to promote IoT awareness

By On February 26, 2018

Thailand Government and World Bank join hands to promote IoT awareness



Thailand Government and World Bank join hands to promote IoT awareness By:Priyankar BhuniaGeography:Thailandpublished:February 27, 2018originally published:

DEPA is responsible for setting up the IoT institute in the Eastern Economic Corridor Digital Park. According to a report in the Bangkok Post, DEPA is also seeking to form an international IoT alliance.

Thailand’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency and the World Bank have agreed to jointly undertake activities to promote awareness of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Thailand and drive digital transformation in public and private sectors.

The announcement was made during a seminar attended by over 150 representatives from the Thai government, internatio nal organisations, businesses, NGOs and the media, for the local launch the recent World Bank report, The Internet of Things: The New Government-to-Business Platform. The report examine the progress made by governments incorporating IoT within their functions â€" many governments are eager to use IoT to better serve people, despite the obstacles of taking initiatives beyond the pilot stage. Prasanna Lal Das, lead author of the report, said that IoT has significant potential, but it requires systematic, informed work by the government, private sector, and civil society.

Opportunities that will be created by the development of the IoT and ways to make the Internet of Things work in Thailand were discussed at the seminar jointly organised by DEPA and the World Bank. The agenda also included a collaboration on digital economy promotion between World Bank and DEPA in three areas, namely Smart City, IoT Institute, and Benchmarking study Indicators.

“Internet of Things plays a key role in our daily lives. Recognising the importance of IoT in creating digital innovation that will boost productivity and improve individual lives, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) has endeavored to promote the development of the IoT in Thailand through various initiatives, said HE Dr Pichet Durongkaveroj, Minister, MDES.

Dr Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, the President and CEO of DEPA Thailand, commented, “The Internet of Things is not just a hype. We view it as one of the most exciting pieces of technology of the decade, which will help catalyse digital transformation in public and private sectors in Thailand. Therefore, we need to raise awareness of IoT in all sectors by providing a networking forum so we all can meet and discuss opportunities offered by this technology as well as ways to allow IoT work for Thais.”

DEPA, an operating arm of the MDES, is responsible for the development of digital industry and innovation as well as the adoption of digital technology in all sectors in Thailand. DEPA is heading the establishment of the IoT Institute which aims to create a healthy IoT ecosystem in the country.

The IoT institute, being set up through public-private partnership, will be a part of the Digital Park to be built in Chon Buri province, as a flagship project under the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). The institute will include MDES, local and international universities and other private sector players, and research institutes, including the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center. Last month,

According to a report in the Bangkok Post, DEPA is seeking to form an international IoT alliance, which has already attracted participation from 30 local IoT companies.

The same article in the Bangkok Post also mentioned that 60% of space in the institute will be used as a testbed and laboratory for IoT, Artificial Intelligence and robotics. There will be areas for the testing of autonomous cars and drones as well.

The Bangkok Post reported that cost of the first IoT building is expected to be around 1.6 billion Baht (USD 51 million). Around 270 million Baht has been allocated for design. The total cost for the institute which will include three buildings will be around 3.6 billion Baht (USD 116 million).

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