Chok Dee student wins big in Thailand

By On May 07, 2018

Chok Dee student wins big in Thailand

Mikey Sadlowski takes amateur title

Chok Dee Athletics student Mikey Sadlowski III, of New Castle, won the Asian Pacific Thailand Games last month in Thailand.

Following his victory in the Junior K1 championship match in March, Sadlowski is now champion in his amateur career with the World Kickboxing Association’s national 109-118 lbs. junior Muay Thai championship.

He is also the United States Muay Thai Open East 109-118 lbs. junior champion.

Muay Thai is the official martial art of Thailand and dates back to the 18th century.

Following his stateside victories last winter, Sadlowski and his Kru Joe Stripling, of Chok Dee Athletics, campaigned for funds to take Sadlowski and team to Thailand for the games this spring.

Although Sadlowski said he felt good following his victory match, the 17-year-old junior at William Penn Jr. High School was still critical of hi s performance.

“I know I could have fought better, but I didn’t show it,” Sadkowski said. “I still tried to fight my best.”

Stripling, who has trained with Sadlowski for the past two years, said he was “super proud” of Sadlowski and all of his students, with the US team in total bringing home eight gold, seven silver, and three bronze medals.

Stripling pointed out that in Sadlowski’s division, elbow strikes are not permitted, making the effort for a win all the more challenging.

“Mikey trained hard both inside and outside the gym,” Stripling said. “His grades have increased, his behavior at home is better â€" he’s learning how to be an adult. I couldn’t be more proud.”

Sadlowski’s interest in Muay Thai began shortly after joining Cornerstone Martial Arts, where he initially trained in tactical striking and kickboxing.

“After seeing Master Stripling, I decided to focus on more traditional Muay Thai,” he said.

Sadlowski’s win enables him to compete at the WKA world games in Spain later this year.

Sadlowski trains with Chok Dee Athletics at Cornerstone Martial Arts, in Lantana Square, Hockessin.

Source: Google News Thailand | Netizen 24 Thailand

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