Brits risking arrest or confiscation for bringing sex toys into Thailand or Maldives

By On June 08, 2018

Brits risking arrest or confiscation for bringing sex toys into Thailand or Maldives

By Rosie Gizauskas8th June 2018, 8:15 amUpdated: 8th June 2018, 12:59 pm

A HOLIDAY might be the perfect time to experiment in the bedroom.

However, Brits are being warned they could be breaking the law by bringing them to certain countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and the Maldives.

If you're off on holiday and want to take a sex toy with you, make sure the place you're heading hasn't banned them

Sex toy maker Carvaka has issued a warning on its website urging customers to check out the laws abroad before packing them in their suitcase.

They said: "We know how much people get attached to their sex toys and so when it comes to heading off on holidays, it can be difficult to think about a week or even a fortnight away from them.

“However, with a number of countries imposing outright bans on vibrators and dildos, it's important that people are informed before they travel in order to prevent any issues at the point of entry to the country.”

A spokesperson for Carvaka told Sun Online Travel: "It's important to respect other countries' laws to prevent any issues with the authorities."

The Maldives is a favourite for couples - but sex toys aren't allowed to be used there

We take a look at the countries around the world where sex toys are banned â€" so best not pack them in your suitcase if you’re heading to any of these countries.

The Maldives

The tropical islands may be a dream honeymoon destination but those wanting to spice things up on holiday there should beware.

Pornography is a banned item in the Maldives â€" and sex toys come under that bracket.

The Daily Star reports that local man Musthafa Hussein was jailed for six months for possessing sex toys there.


Heading to Kuala Lumpur? Don't pack your vibrator as it counts as an 'obscene object'

If you’re headed to Malaysia then you’d be wise not to pack any dildos in your suitcase.

The country’s penal code states that the possession of “any obscene objects whatsoever” can be “punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both.”

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is another country where sex toys aren't allowed

You could have a sex toy confiscated if you try to being one into Saudi Arabia â€" because they are prohibited there.

This is because they come under the category of pornographic material, which is banned there.

Even “massagers which are present in an immoral way” are banned by customs.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a holiday favourite with Brits - but don't try taking any sex toys there

Gulf News reports that back in 2010 a woman was questioned by customs after she bought sex toys online.

The items were seized and the woman was ordered to sign papers which said she would not attempt to buy sex toys again â€" or she would face legal action.


Thailand is another country where you can get in trouble by trying to bring sex toys in

Sex toys count as “obscene objects” which are banned by the Thai authorities and are on the country’s list of prohibited goods.

They count as pornographic items â€" so leave them at home.


Massagers aren't banned in India - unless they have a 'phallic shape'

In dia might be home to the Karma Sutra - but don't try bringing any vibrators with you if you're off on holiday there.

Section 292 of the Indian Penal Code bans objects which are "deemed to be obscene".

Massagers are legal in India, but if something has a phallic shape, it's not allowed.


You will have sex toys confiscated if you try to bring them into Vietnam

Than Nien News reported in 2011 that Vietnam would not be allowing the import of sex toys into the country.

According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs: "The objects will be kept and returned to the passengers when they exit Vietnam.

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It continues: "If the sex toys arrive in Vietnam as gifts or in checked luggage, the passengers must arrange to re-export the goods or the customs officers will destroy them."

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Source: Google News Thailand | Netizen 24 Thailand

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